Methodology Components

LILACS and VHL Integration

LILACS repository in the context of VHL regional portal:

LILACS is among information sources such as MEDLINE, Cochrane Library and SciELO. LILACS methodology is the basement to other specialized information sources like Brazilian Dentristy Bibliography (BBO), Nursing Database (BDENF), World Health Organization Library Information System (WHOLIS), and so on.

Because LILACS is a regional index for Health Sciences area, it is incorporated in nearly almost all tematic or national VHL sites, and also LILACS represents Latin American and Caribbean Countries in international initiatives like ePortuguese and Global Health Library networks.

VHL regional portal:

It is also possible to search in LILACS through metasearch 'Search in VHL' which performs searches in all Information Sources (IS) and also in directories and portals such as the VHL LIS - Health Information Locator (online documents on the web), Directory of Events, Portal of Evidence, among others.

Searching LILACS IS in VHL regional portal: 

The products and services in the context of the VHL LILACS repository:

LILACS presents several features of products and services resulting from the VHL. You can have access to:

* Full text of the articles or monographs through these links:  Full text in HTML or PDF document and in SciELO ;
* Complete document through the SCAD Photocopy Service ;
* Curriculum author of the article through the Project Curriculum Lattes in partnership with the CNPq;
* Data cataloged the articles or monographs, even before its indexing through the Project LILACS Express ;
* Records of Documents Related  to the topic searched through a search for trigram which measure the degree of similarity to other articles with Article searched;
* Records indexed with controlled vocabulary DECS ;
* Support different types of information, such as interviews on audio. See Id 432,729.

LILACS-Express record (without indexing):

Read record:


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